ClientBase Browser

Travel Agent TechnologyCBB is great tool. There is an additional low monthly cost for this program. Below is a few of the amazing benefits that you will get with this program.

• CBB will keep client information organized and in one place. Information can be queried a million different ways and will enhance your marketing efforts…in a big way!

• It will keep you organized through the use of Activities and Reminders.

• You will have your Clients current reservations & historical travel information at your fingertips

• You will be able to create a professional invoice using your own logos and contact information.

• You will have access to Live Connect for many vendors allowing you to push client information out to vendor websites and merging travel information back into CBB. Not only will this save YOU a TON of time, but it will provide an impressive invoice and assure you have complete historical information on the trip.


CBB also includes Touchbase which have the following benefits:

• Input important Dates and set reminders to impress you clients with personal messages and reminders (such as ‘your passport is about to expire’, ‘Happy Anniversary’, etc.)

• Build even better relationships with your clients

• Make your clients feel special and keep them coming back to you to book travel

• Keep your agency's brand at the top-of-mind of your clients by sending communications at more regular intervals

• Our turn-key approach means all you have to do is sign up and we take care of the rest

• Save time and reduce the costs for client retention efforts

• Know what your clients want and where they would like to go with the Client e-Survey